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Being a legionnaire: a full-time job !

A legionnaire is initially trained as a fighter (he may opt for a speciality after two years’ service).

A fighter above all !

A legionnaire may serve as a sniper, tank driver, tank gunner, parachutist, sapper-bomb disposal expert, machine-gun gunner or anti-tank rocket launcher, armored vehicle pilot or any other specialist fighter …

Other work opportunities include:

Administration: secretary, accountant, computer and office operator.

Transmissions: radio operator, radio operator mechanic, exchange operator.

Drivers: lightweight, heavy weight and super heavy weight vehicle drivers,public transport and public works vehicle drivers and driving school instructors.

Maintenance: Mechanic, car electrician, carriage-builder,weapons repair agent,plumber andelectrician.

Miscellaneous: Male nurse, computer specialist, P.E. instructor, musician, photographer, cook or storekeeper.

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