Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it mandatory to serve under declared identity ?

NO In peace time, no one can be allowed to serve under foreign status: · If he is not at least seventeen years old and less than forty years old; · If he is not able to prove his and ...

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Can we eventually get our real identity back ?

YES When the legionnaire serving under foreign status has signed a contract under a declared identity presents documents establishing formal proof of his true identity, he will unter the ...

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What documents do I need to apply ?

The presentation of all identification (valid) produced by the candidate belonging country is requested to facilitate the process of selection and recruitment (identity card, passport, driving ...

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Can a foreign legionnaire become French ?

Yes, a foreign legionnaire may apply for French citizenship from three years of service. It is usually granted, subject to have a good way to serve and have proven its willingness to integrate the ...

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Is Legion harder than other armies?

No, the general disciplinary regulations applied within the Foreign Legion units is exactly the same as that of the French Army and only the status of serving men in the Foreign Legion is ...

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What specific constraints ?

Wearing of civilian clothes : if any legionnaire - regardless of service seniority within the Legion - is allowed to wear civilian clothes outside the boundaries of its home garrison, a legionnaire ...

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During my vacation, may I go abroad ?

Yes, under certain conditions. To be allowed to travel abroad, either in his country of origin or in a third country, a legionnaire should have an ID of his country, serving under his true ...

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Is there a structure for legionaries on vacation ?

The legionnaire who, in contrast, does not wish to go abroad can obviously spend his vacations in France. Facilities by the sea-shore, such as the center on leave from the Foreign Legion of ...

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I never served in the army, can I apply ?

Many committed volunteers join the ranks of the Foreign Legion never having served in the army of their country of origin. This is not an obstacle for recruitment. It is the candidate's motivation ...

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Can a French commit to the Foreign Legion ?

Yes, a French can engage in the Foreign Legion, but will be engaged with the "foreign status" soldier, like all foreigners who commit. This status is different from the status in the French ...


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