Why become Legionnaire ?

SERVE: The Legion , France and its values ​​with " Honor and Loyalty ".  FAMILY INTEGRATION : a unique adventure within a rich community of 150 different nationalities.  Be part of the ELITE : becoming a soldier who trains hard with rigor and discipline. INHERIT traditions ...

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How to join ?

The Foreign legion only recruits applicants actually reporting at an information desk (PILE) or at a preselection center (CP) located in Metropolitan France. Accommodation and food are free during the whole selection process. The Foreign legion does not facilitate any administrative steps ...

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Where to join ?

Aubagne Centre de présélection - Aubagne  Quartier Vienot - Route départementale 2B.P. 11 35413 784 AUBAGNE CedexTel : (33) 04 42 18 12 57Open : 24H/24, 7J/7 Paris Nogent Informations seules: Poste Légion étrangère de Vincennes   Fort Neuf de ...

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Conditions to engage

Administative Physical Medical

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Contract duration

The duration of an initial contract with the Foreign Legion is 5 years (non-negotiable). At the end of the first contract, the “legionnaire” will have the option to choose between contracts varying in duration (from 6 months to 5 years) to pursue his career.

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Where to serve in the Foreign Legion ?

The "base" regiments and units: The Foreign Legion Command (COMLE) Recruiting group of the Foreign Legion de la Légion étrangère (GRLE) 1st Foreign Regiment (1er RE) 4th Foreign Regiment (4ème RE)   The "combat" regiments besed in metropolitan France ...

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A new startAll

Things to bring along

Things to bring along

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MANDATORY ITEMS: 1 pair of running shoes 3 sets of underwear (3 underwear items - 3 tee-shirts - 3 pairs of socks) Toilet bag (soap/shower gel – shaver and shaving cream – shower towel – shower slippers) Cash: 50€ maximum    UNNECCESSARY ITEMS: “Walkmen”or all types audio/video players Credit cards Jewels and valuables   PROHIBITED ITEMS: All types of weapons (knives included) Vehicle keys (car, motor bike keys,...


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